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    Blog of the mini-fashionistas of Prince & Tutus



    Summer is coming to an end, but we still have some beautiful days ahead of us before the cold sets in. So we still take advantage of the beautiful weekends to go to the park with the family, to have picnics, or to go to the Clock Beach in the old Port. Don't forget that the Granby Zoo of course has the dinosaurs that landed there, but there is also the Amazoo Water Park .

    It's also an excellent reason to take advantage of end-of-season discounts to renew the wardrobe of our little ones who sometimes grow up very quickly, or quickly go through clothes from playing and running around. The stores are full of sales to make room for snowsuits. Iiick! Some stores, let's face it, have already put them on the shelves.

    But if we're thinking more about summer and discounts, then we invite you to take a look at the Prince et Tutus online store. Really, when we see the Noppies jersey, one piece with matching fleece shorts , and the whole set is only $29... well you add rapido presto to your shopping cart! Little princesses love having clothes that match.

    Whether it's the Tuc Tuc brand or Noppies, the swimsuits are all reduced by up to 60%... even though at first glance the store is already a bargain. And since your little princess undoubtedly loves the beach and has even started board lessons this summer, you will fall for the little set: long-sleeved jersey sweater with matching panties from Tuc Tu c. Protected against the sun and the friction of the sand on his belly.

    We summarize: sun + discount = we act quickly, because quantities are limited and the season ends quickly.




    The holidays are coming? You don't really know where to start? What not to forget to bring as clothing for the children's suitcase? Don't stress any more, we have decided to make a list for you of the 5 fashion items you absolutely must have in your children's suitcase. Whether you are going camping, to the beach, to the chalet or out of the country to see the grandparents, our advice and ideas will give you a good idea for having a suitcase with trendy, high-end styles but at a low price. At Prince & Tutus, we offer trendy brand clothing for children, but at low prices, because they are samples. Shopping online for clothes for your children has never been so pleasant, especially with our list of items to have in your suitcase for children. Our summer 2017 collection meets their needs and you have something for everyone.


    1.The swimsuit, obviously!

    On vacation, you want to go swimming or go to the water slides. What you want are beautiful, practical, quality swimsuits that dry quickly. If you have a little girl potty training, opt for a two-piece swimsuit , this way you'll avoid messes and it will be easier to remove. For boys, opt for a swimsuit and t-shirt set which will be practical if you have more than one activity in the same day and will mean less hanging around. Remember to bring more than one in the suitcase, you can alternate if the first one has gotten dirty or is still wet from the day before!

    2.The set with shorts

    It’s definitely an essential. The shorts set is practical for playing on the beach, going on an expedition to the zoo or even enjoying an ice cream, it's undeniable, it's a must for the holidays, but also for the summer season. This year, for girls, opt for a very feminine camisole and jean shorts set , which will give your daughter a fabulous look, worthy of Californians. For boys , give them a Beach Boy look with a casual shirt and shorts set everywhere .

    3.The whole warmer

    We know our summers: it's hot, but there are also cooler days. Don't skimp on a warmer ensemble. For girls, opt for a set of harem pants, take an example from the one with pineapples from our online store which combines style and comfort at the same time. For boys , why not light fleece pants which are just as suitable in the fall . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ There are also harem pants for boys which are very trendy. In both cases, your children will be comfortable both for a visit inside a museum and for an evening in front of a campfire.

    4.A cap
    In addition to being cool and protecting your children from sunburn on the head, the cap can be worn as sunglasses, because it must be said, few children tolerate glasses on their little noses. To look even cooler, opt for a Brooklyn-style cap by L&P . It's the perfect cap for a very urban, unique and inexpensive look.

    5.A Raincoat

    On vacation, it is well known that the temperature can change very quickly. We must not believe that although we are away on vacation, the rain cannot reach us. Rain often comes when you don't expect it. So a raincoat for your children is an essential to have during the summer holidays.

    Finally, don't forget to have fun and share your memories with those around you. If you have any vacation memories featuring Prince & Tutus clothing, share them using #princetutus on Instagram . We can't wait to see what adventures our clothes have been a part of!

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