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    Passion for the latest trends

    Prince & Tutus is the fruit of the passion of a mother who loves children's clothing, always looking for new clothing brands with a unique style.

    Prince & Tutus, an online store dedicated to children's fashion. A sample store where you can find the most beautiful clothes and the most beautiful trendy brands and at prices always cheaper than in regular stores.

    Style, quality and low price

    We always want the most beautiful and best for our princes and princesses and at the best possible price! It is this vision that led us to present sample collections for Prince & Tutus.

    But what exactly is a sample?

    The samples are new clothes with tags that were used only as a demonstrator for buyers from big box stores. It is from the samples that the big stores place their orders for their store. These are therefore always the latest collections, freshly arrived. Samples are only made in one size, but as each brand freely decides their sample size, we have a variety of different sizes and brands. And since we only have one of each item, we can sell it at a ridiculously low price compared to regular stores.

    Always something new

    We hope that, like us, you will fall in love with the clothes that we present to you. New products appear regularly on the online store so stay tuned.

    Looking forward to seeing your mini-fashionistas wearing Prince & Tutus finds. Don’t hesitate to share photos of your minis on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram !

    Happy shopping!